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Chosen as Midwest Voices 2009 guest columnist by the Kansas City Star, to write both print and online opinion pieces. Incisive online columns drew strong reader response, resulting in being featured alongside the daily print columnists for the year, the first time the newspaper had ever done that.

Print Columns for the Kansas City Star

Click on titles to read full columns.

It's Tough to Follow Atticus, Obama Across the Great Divide

"Obama's professed political ideal is to find common ground...That's all well and good, but it runs against the modern American grain...Genteel, civil discussion is passé. Dig in your heels and man the ramparts!"

We Want to Call our Own Shots, but We Should Do So Responsibly

"The global warming debate has become an ideological battle of dueling facts and Web sites. Lost in all the noise...what matters most is handing off a better world to our children."

America is Hot Dogs and Baseball and Polkas and Mariachis and...

"Critics fear that our "pure" American culture is being muddied by foreign languages and customs. But we are by our very nature a mixture."

Online Opinion quoted in national newsmagazine The Week

Chosen as "Best Opinion" of the day on February 3, 2010:
Link to full blog "Emanuel 'retarded' comment idiotic; Palin response cynical"

Online Opinion quoted in Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Star has quoted my opinion blogs over two dozen times, in their "blog bits" section. Click on the image above to view a sampling of some the quotes.

Online Opinion Columns (blogs)

Because of online reader response to my opinion blogs — as high as 16,000 hits (reads) for one blog — the Kansas City Star made me a featured columnist for the year, alongside the regular daily print columnists. It was the first time (and so far only time) the newspaper did that.

Click on the titles below to read a sampling.

How will healthcare reform affect your life?, a detailed examination, in three parts, of the specifics of the package. Or click here for complete printable version.

Is Obama cool wearing thin?, looking at the debate over the president's demeanor.

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