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Over 10 years experience with a number of major newspapers and magazines. Click on images below to view samples.

"The End is Near (or Not)", written for Unity Magazine's January, 2012 issue. Through interviews and research, explores the myths around the different mythologies supposedly predicting the end of the world, including the so-called Mayan prophecies, and the Bible.

"A Spiritual Response to Bullying, written for Unity Magazine's July, 2011 issue. Explores how spiritual people can deal with the tough issues around bullying, and still be safe and protect themselves.

"Is the Nativity Story a Myth?", written for Unity Magazine's December, 2011 issue. Respectfully looks into what the Bible really says about the Nativity scene, and what parts of the story are actually based on myth or cultural traditions.

Print Column, one of several written for the Kansas City Star. Also currently write online opinion columns for the Star. This piece urges us
to look at the consequences of our actions, even if we don't agree on
global warming.